On the Importance of Looking Up Words

My book, Once Upon a Word: A Word-Origin Dictionary for Kids (Rockridge Press, Feb. 25, 2020), is dedicated to a woman named Nanette Quinn. You can read the dedication below.  Let me tell you a bit about Nanette Quinn. When I was in high school, I took French with Nanette Quinn, whom we called Madame… Continue reading On the Importance of Looking Up Words

The Etymology of “Carpenter”

"Carpenter" is from the Late Latin carpentum ("wagon, carriage, cart"), with a maker of wooden carts known as an artifex carpentarius. In English, "carpenter" replaced the word treowwyrhta, literally "tree-wright." "Carpenter" began to replace treowwyrhta in the 1300s, adopted from the Anglo-French carpenter (Old North French carpentier) and first specifically referring to someone who does… Continue reading The Etymology of “Carpenter”