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Useless Etymology is a collection of editorialized word histories in no particular order. It’s possible you’ve read some of my work over on Reddit’s /r/etymology subreddit, the community that encouraged me to create this website, or on Facebook, in which¬†case you may have read some of the posts with which I will begin. But I assure you, fresh etymologies¬†will certainly follow.

The posts vary in length and style, but many include gifs and images of questionable quality. My sources vary, but typically I begin with the Online Etymological Dictionary, then dig deeper with additional research in the Oxford English Dictionary and the Not-So-Concise-As-The-Title-Implies Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology.

Note: I first published many of these writeups on Reddit’s Etymology Subreddit, but they are, in fact, my original work.

Find me on Twitter at @UselessEty, or use the contact form below.